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In Tune Soul Sangha Healing & Meditation Community Center has created an environment for the Lake Norman and Charlotte area for the public to experience and implement healing and meditation practices in their lives. Our instructors are well versed and educated in the subjects taught and are eager to share their knowledge with others.

Our Teachers



Jules is a Reiki Master and Licensed Massage Therapist. She is trained in several massage modalities including, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release Techniques, Cupping, and Prenatal Massage. Jules’ passion is assisting people to find and release energies that have been trapped in the body physically and emotionally. Through her massage career, Jules developed a keen sense of energy from her clients and wanted to learn more. Over the last several years, she has trained extensively in Reiki and Quantum Touch, as well as working with tools such as crystals and herbs for Chakra Cleansing. She uses energy healing with her clients every day. Jules also has a passion for the Quantum Physics of frequency and vibration. She has been using Sound Healing techniques in her practice for over four years when she also began holding group Sound Healing Sessions at The Meditation Room. Her Sound Therapy techniques include using Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Crystal Pyramids, Shamanic Drumming, and Mudras. She loves to mesh all of the healing techniques together and tailor her individual sessions with clients to what is needed at the time to help them release tensions, emotions, and to assist them in feeling grounded. Jules loves working with children and feels that children are very open with their energy. She believes children naturally harness important tools we lose touch with approaching adulthood that help us process feelings and express ourselves emotionally. Join Jules at In Tune Soul Sangha for an individual session or a variety of group healing classes including Introduction to Crystals, Reiki Certifications, Sound Healing, Women’s Healing Circles, and Young Yogi’s Mindfulness Journey Summer Camps.



Jessica has been practicing yoga and meditation since 1996. Her primary influences are the teachings of Erich Schiffmann and Michael Stone.

After teaching for 14 years, Jessica opened The Meditation Room, a community center for meditation, in her local community. Her passion to share the depth of yoga practices and lifestyle blossomed! She then realized that through online courses, she could create an community without walls and reach more with these life-transforming teachings. She truly believes that we have the ability to heal and change self-destructive patterns of the mind, by clearing the clutter that accumulates, with meditation and yoga practices.

- 230hr RYT Bodhi Tree Yoga School, NC

- 500hr RYT from Asheville Yoga Center

- 300hr Thai Yoga Therapy, Saul David Raye at Ritam Healing Arts CA

- 625hr Ayurveda Wellness Counselor, Kerala Ayurveda Academy WA

- Annually studying with Michael Stone before his sudden passing in 2017 & Erich Schiffmann before his teaching hiatus the same year



Hi! I am Megan. I began my Yogic journey in 2011 with the intention of experiencing physical benefits. I quickly realized that the benefits of this practice impacted me greatly beyond just my physical body. Through Yoga I became empowered in physical, energetic, and emotional experience. In 2015 I immersed in authentic Yogic philosophy and practice during my first Yoga teacher training. At this same time my fascination for Astrology and other esoteric practices, such as traditional and intuitive Tarot reading, began to play an equally important roll in my life. As I began teaching and sharing Yoga with my local community, my love for the practice deepened. In 2017 I continued my studies in the format of therapeutic Yoga teaching. In 2018 I began a full integrated personal practice which offers individuals support and education through personal development with these ancient healing modalities.

I am passionate about sharing traditional Yoga philosophies and practices in a modern way. I aim to bring these ancient teachings to you in a way that suits your unique learning style. I am confident that when you open your heart and mind to the teachings of Yoga you will feel empowered in life. I believe in the healing power of Yoga for body, mind, and soul.


Lisa Tendler

I always loved being alone and when my Dad left Richard Hittleman’s 28 Day Yoga Plan under the Christmas treeI took off with it and began my yoga journey. I practiced alone with no outside distractions and nobody telling me how it should be done. What a gift to start this way. Self inquiry it was! I was 16 and my mind was open.        

 Soon after that I found a free yoga class at Davidson College taught by Herb Jackson an art professor there. This was my first experience with an instructor in a class setting. We did it on beach towels in jeans or sweat pants! It was a good experience. Not a lot of gimmicks…just yoga.

 A few years later I got into dance and went to the North Carolina School of the Arts. I stayed there 4 years studying all forms of dance, anatomy, kinesiology and choreography. After graduating I got work with Footpath Dance Company in Cleveland and then moved on to Toronto Dance Theater in Ontario, eventually landing in NYC.  In between dance classes I would run over to take Ravi Singh’s Kundalini class. He is an incredible teacher. It was my first powerful experience of the breath. We would be breathing like crazy about to pass out and he would say “keep up”. Soon after I found Sivinanda Yoga Center and studied there for awhile.  Then studied awhile with Dharma Mitra in his home studio .  Also I did a wonderful intuition retreat with him. Lots of silent walking in t he woods. We would walk and all of a sudden he would put his hand on a stump and go in an asymmetrical one armed handstand.                                   I was then working at The Athletic and Swim Club by Rockefeller Center teaching aerobics, calisthenics, water classes, and later on yoga. I also ran the class fitness department scheduling the classes and hiring the instructors. All the while my hip was not withstanding the wear and tear of all the dancing and teaching so I knew I needed to make a commitment to a more serious yoga practice.

 Then I found Jivamukti. They were posted at a studio where I was dancing.  It was small then, just a few teachers. I took class there constantly, often two classes in a row. I quit dancing and I was there so much they asked me to teach. Really, I never wanted to but Sharon Gannon pushed me. She saw in me what I couldn’t. She showed me unconditional love and I have such a special place in my heart for her.  David Life also was a great influence in my life and in my heart. He taught me how to fly in my dreams…no kidding.                            

Eddie Stern also was teaching at Jivamukti then. This was I think the late eighties early nineties. He went to India and came back only to be completely devoted to the Ashtanga  Practice . It soon too became my practice. The practice of breathing was and has been the most influencial and powerful experience of my life. It has taught me about how I think…how my mind works, how to watch, how to wait and it just keeps evolving! Eddie used to tell me to “shut up and breathe”! He taught me how to own my practice to own my life. “Yoga isn’t pretty” he would say. You have to be willing to take a good look….He used to say “stop fluffing around” when we would drop out of the breath to fix our hair or clothes….amazing teachings….    Eddie encouraged me to   go to India to study with Pattabi  Jois so that’s what we did. Six weeks in India was where we spent our honeymoon.     

My Iyengar influence came from Kevin Gardener. We practiced with him in his little apartment. He is a very passionate teacher…he radiates it. I felt euphoric when I left his classes. I had to be careful crossing the streets in Manhattan after I took class!  Other teachers that I have been lucky to study with are Leslie Kaminoff, Adrienne Jamiel, MD -Yoga for the Female Form, Michael Carroll, Doug Keller -therapeutics, Sarah Powers-yin, Joe Barnett-yin.                                                                                                                                                                                                               I feel so grateful to have a   practice that has carried me through so many ups and downs of life. The simplicity to inhale and exhale and be present for all that is now and for all that is coming. Now more than ever with all sincerity I want to share what I’ve learned and what I am learning.




Dance 1-6-2-19.JPG

I have been dancing and moving since childhood, but it took me years to find my "rhythm tribe". Starting in 1997, an amazing group of dancing beings in Los Angeles helped me to rediscover that pure joy of movement that comes from a much deeper place within. It connects back to the sacred circles of our ancestors and I came to know it as "ecstatic dance" -- moving from the inside out; letting the music guide you into bliss. It has since been called many different names. 

Yoga came into my life in 1981 and has been a "go to" in my life ever since. And in 1999, after exploring many different traditions and practices, I finally found my home in the Kripalu Yoga tradition. An amazing experience using this yoga to heal a serious spinal condition and injury, I was led to enroll in a yoga teacher training at Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, MA in 2003. And not long after certification, I opened the Boston Wellness Center(formerly Self-Healing Solutions) offering yoga instruction, yoga therapy, Ayurveda, Reiki and eventually, acupuncture treatments. 

I offered the series of movements and poses that had helped me heal my spine to many of my students and clients, and eventually this evolved into my book: Back to Balance: Heal Your Spine, Heal Your Life, (2008 and 2013). It is a safe and effective, self-guided program to help anyone to heal their low back and neck issues.

I hold a Master's degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from the New England School of Acupuncture/MCPHS University. I am nationally board certified and licensed to practice Acupuncture in Massachusetts and North Carolina. I am a general practitioner, with special training in Women's Health, Neo-Natal and Pediatric Wellness (needle-free).

After 15 years in Boston, I relocated to the Lake Norman area to join the practice of Best Acupuncturein Cornelius. And I found my way to The Meditation Roomlast Fall -- I feel like I've found my new "tribe" and look forward to continuing my journey with you all! I'm delighted to bring a practice of "moving meditation" to In Tune Soul Sanghaas "Ecstatic Dance Wave for Women".