Special Events


Thursday, August 15th



Full Moon in Aquarius Ceremony

Thursday, August 15th 8-9:30 PM


The Full Moon on August 15th falls in the sign of Aquarius and is going be shedding a light on what we can do to serve each other.

Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian and is represented by a woman carrying a jug of water. The woman symbolizes the healer in us all and the water symbolizes the heavy emotions, the pain, and the suffering of the world.

Join Jules and Marisa for the Full Moon Ceremony and take part in learning how to cope with the problems that surround each of us and still find our balance and expand our light for ourselves and others.


August 16th

Friday 7:00-8:00pm


Sound Healing Meditation

With the use of 10 quartz singing bowls, this vibrational therapy tunes the energetic body to optimal balance, helping to remove blockages in the body’s energy channels, as well as opening the main energy centers (chakras) and promote deep relaxation. Each bowl is attuned to a vibration that opens a specific chakra and you will be guided through a meditative journey, bringing awareness to each energy center as the bowls are being played. During the practice you can sit or lay down, get comfy, and allow the vibration of the bowls move through you, as your body and mind to enter a deep meditative state. 

Teacher: Jules Wyatt


August 4th

6:00 - 7:30pm


Ecstatic Dance Wave

Join Raven for a journey of joyful, expressive, conscious dance -- a moving meditation, from the inside out. In the safe and wonderful space of The Meditation Room, you can explore your soul-depths as you move to the beat of an exquisite world music soundtrack. Let the music take you DEEP and UP!

Barefoot or soft dance shoes only. Chairs will be available and can be used in your dance as well :-) Feel free to DRESS to express -- bring beautiful scarves, wear skirts for spinning or yoga pants to move comfortably in. This practice is for anyone and everyone.

Silence is observed on the dance floor. Let your body move and speak for you.
Bring a water bottle and a journal in case you are inspired to write before, during or after our practice.

Teacher: Raven Seltzer



August 9th



Tarot Circle

For centuries people have sought meaning and guidance from the stars, the symbols, and signs that surround us. Through generations of seekers and storytellers the practice of Tarot reading lives on as a tool for accessing own innate wisdom and intuitive guidance. Whether you are brand new to tarot cards or have been practicing for years, this circle is an opportunity to practice tarot in a group setting, through collaborative interpretation and processing.

Each person will have the opportunity to pull cards and receive a reading as well as practice reading for others.

- Understand how to read the elements and archetypes of any deck

- Connect numerology and astrology with your Tarot deck

- Practice intuitively reading cards for yourself and others!

- Please bring your deck if you have one (or bring two decks if you have an extra for sharing)

Teacher: Megan McFadden



August 25th



Living Dream: Yoga Nidra and Dream Workshop 

We spend 1/3rd of life asleep! What if all that time was directed at bringing you closer to your True Self? Get more out of your sleep, make sleep an intentional part of your life. Yoga Nidra is the practice of conscious sleep, sleeping with a purpose, bringing more awareness to and remembering your dreams is a great benefit of this practice. You can practice Yoga Nidra every night and work with your dreams for your Self Evolution.

In this 2 hour workshop you will learn practices to help prepare you for you deep sleep, experience a guided Yoga Nidra practice followed by dream journaling and dream interpretation.

Teacher: Megan McFadden


Beegirl_mixed media3.jpg

Women’s Healing Circle

Join Jules Wyatt for a unique Women’s Healing Circle where she holds space for the attendees and raises the vibration of the room and each person while creating a safe healing environment. Each sessions includes group Reiki healing, sound therapy, and chanting affirmations with shamanic drumming. Join us and soak in the healing vibration and become part of the sisterhood where women are supported and empowered by each other. This month’s theme includes the magic and LIGHT of summer, Bee-living in ourselves and getting in touch with the young girl that still lives inside each of us!

Teacher: Jules Wyatt

July 26th





Astrology w/ Jim DelliColli

Led by Jim DelliColli we learn about and observe the planets and the patterns of energy they create. This knowledge of cycles and patterns has been used and studied for more than 4000 years. Come learn just how unique you are and that the world needs you at your best. Astrology will teach you to live from within and give it your all.

Teacher: Jim DelliColli

Sunday August 18th





Sunday, August 11th


Restorative Yoga & Guided Relaxation

During this 90 minute class you will be supported by props (bolsters & blankets) in a series of postures that are sequenced to restore the body and mind to a calm, peaceful, and balanced state. Throughout the practice, Megan will guide you in gentle breathing practices and visualization techniques to achieve deep states of relaxation.

Teacher: Megan McFadden


Thursday, August 15th


Suggested Donation: $15

*Please Pre-Register*

Reiki Practitioner Circle

This circle is for Reiki Practitioner’s of all Degrees. Come together in Sangha (Family/Community) and exchange energy with fellow Practitioner’s to clear and restore your own energy. As Reiki Practitioner’s, we can often put our own energy source on the back burner and begin to feel tired or over extended. Join this circle to share experiences, offer advice and support, meditate, and restore your own vessel.

The Circle will be followed by our Full Moon in Aquarius Celebration at 8:00PM ($25)

Circle led by Jules Wyatt, Reiki Master.



Wednesday August 21

7:00-8:30 PM


Yoga Dance Experience

Experience Yoga as a fluid feminine dance, allow your body to flow freely with rhythmic music and allow your mind to soften into quite peace. Feel into new ways of expressing yourself through movement, while staying present to the experience of being embodied, celebrating the life force behind that which moves your every breath!

Teacher: Megan McFadden



Women’s Trauma Healing Circle

Hi beautiful soul, 

If you're seeking a judgement-free, healing environment, you've come to the right place. This is a safe space for you to share your stories, be seen & heard and learn tools to heal yourself. If you’ve been feeling stuck or overwhelmed, come and heal with us. Together, let’s move towards wholeness and freedom once more; a state of being that is rightfully and always yours. 

Friday, August 23rd



Trauma is something that we all live with in one way or another, and while the work is individual, there is strength in support and shared vulnerability when we come together with others who are on the same path. We all are responsible for our own healing, but it doesn't mean we have to do it alone. 

No "trauma" is lesser than another. Your experiences are valid and deserve space. In this circle, you’ll learn the differences between acute and developmental trauma, how it affects our bodies and how we can heal from them over time. 

Here’s what to expect: 

What happens to our bodies, mind and spirit when we experience trauma 

A safe, intimate circle that welcomes you to share your experiences 

Learn tools for grounding yourself during a triggered state when reliving trauma. 

Ways you can incorporate self-healing rituals to move out of trauma and towards freedom. 

Please bring a journal, pen, water and your whole self. There will be blankets and pillows available, and a medicine altar with essential oils, crystals and oracle cards for grounding and guidance.

Circle led by: Emily Grimes, Licensed Social Worker/Therapist MSW, LCSW and Jules Wyatt, Reiki Master/Licensed Massage Therapist, Trauma Informed/ LMBT#14873