Special Events


Herbal Apothecary: Ayurvedic Oils for Health & Wellness

Ayurveda is the sanskrit word for "the science of life." It's origins, philosophy and practices reach back 5000 years. Please join Ayurvedic Consultant, Raven Seltzer, for an afternoon of learning and sampling from the base oils used in these simple, daily wellness practices. most uses are topical, however, several of these base oils are used nasally, orally and/or ingested for mouth/dental, throat and digestive tract health.We will also discuss and work with the herbal-infused oils which are used for specific medicinal purposes, such as sore, aching muscles or getting rid of stretch marks on the belly. Advanced registration recommended -- $35 per person

Sunday, November 17th





November 16th

November 30th



Sound Healing Meditation

With the use of 10 quartz singing bowls, this vibrational therapy tunes the energetic body to optimal balance, helping to remove blockages in the body’s energy channels, as well as opening the main energy centers (chakras) and promote deep relaxation. Each bowl is attuned to a vibration that opens a specific chakra and you will be guided through a meditative journey, bringing awareness to each energy center as the bowls are being played. During the practice you can sit or lay down, get comfy, and allow the vibration of the bowls move through you, as your body and mind to enter a deep meditative state. 

Teacher: Jules Wyatt


Saturday, November 23rd

6:00 - 7:30pm


Ecstatic Dance Wave

Join Raven for a journey of joyful, expressive, conscious dance -- a moving meditation, from the inside out for Women and Teen Girls. In the safe and wonderful space of In Tune Soul Sangha, you can explore your soul-depths as you move to the beat of an exquisite world music soundtrack. Let the music take you DEEP and UP!

This month, bring a friend and receive 50% off at the door!

Barefoot or soft dance shoes only. Chairs will be available and can be used in your dance as well :-) Feel free to DRESS to express -- bring beautiful scarves, wear skirts for spinning or yoga pants to move comfortably in. This practice is for anyone and everyone.

Silence is observed on the dance floor. Let your body move and speak for you.
Bring a water bottle and a journal in case you are inspired to write before, during or after our practice.

Teacher: Raven Seltzer



Tuesday November 12th



Full Moon in Taurus Ceremony

The November 12th Full Moon in Taurus is one of the best we have had in a long time. It brings abundant, expansive energy that will open us to receive the rewards of all our hard work.

2019 has been a year for leveling up and prepping for some of the huge cosmic alignments that await us in 2020. Many of us have been called to upgrade our lives, our thoughts, our relationships, and what we are willing to tolerate.

There has been a huge focus this year on setting boundaries and thinking about how our actions affect not only ourselves but the world around us. 

It has also been a year where we have been guided to speak our truth, and learn how to express and communicate in a thoughtful manner.

All of these themes have been present as we have journeyed through the months of the year, and now we are about to see the results of our hard work.

Under the November Full Moon, there are many blessings on offer; we just have to open our arms, open our hearts, and know we are worthy to receive.

Full Moons signify the end of a cycle and there is a strong theme of closure surrounding this Taurus Moon. 

We may receive some closure we have been looking for since the start of the year. We may also find that issues that have been weighing on our shoulders suddenly get resolved or no longer seem to weigh us down.

There is a huge moment of release on offer under this energy, so if there is something we wish to let go of or bring closure to, we will be supported and guided every step of the way.

Now, we may have to take action in the direction of our choosing in order to get this energy to flow, but know that it is there protecting and guiding us to reach a swift and peaceful conclusion.

Join Jules Wyatt for a meaningful celebration of ritual under the Full Moon in Taurus.


Thursday, November 21st

6:30 - 8:00PM


Meet Your Soul and Create a Life of Abundance

Cost $85.00 includes a prepared Soul Vibrational Reading

Due to the content and structure of this class it is limited to only 4 participants. Pre-registration is 7 days BEFORE class is REQUIRED.

Course Description:

Did you know that each of us is made to be Creators of our own life experiences and that includes abundance? The truth is we are manifesting all the time it’s just that the process remains largely unconscious and is vibrational.

In class we will discuss why each of is tends to create lack, struggle, pain, hardship and sometimes, “Hell on Earth”. It is within our power to shift these areas vibrationally and learn to start creating a life of abundance.

A manifesting profile we be prepared for each student prior to class based on four different areas of your life: finances, family, romantic relationships and health.

Bring a journal and be prepared to meet your Soul and the secrets it wants each of you to know.

Instructor: Patrice Winovich



Thursday, December 5th

6:30 - 8:00pm


Come On Let’s Get Tapping

Cost $40.00 includes tapping sequence sheets

Just in Time for Cold and Flu Season

December’s tapping sequences include, Pneumonia, Sore throat, Common cold, Bronchitis, Influenza (flu), and Bacterial/Viral infections.

Course Description:

Tapping is a powerful and proven holistic healing technique that can help resolve phobias, emotional disorders, addiction, disease, illness and pain. Our beliefs, illusions, past karmic issues and emotions contribute to creating discomfort somewhere in the body.

We will discuss the underlying psychological cause of disease and how it helps to create negative thought forms in the body. Tapping effectively disrupts the inner emotional experiences of these negative patterns.

Each month Patrice will focus on a group of similar issues and teach you “specific” tapping sequences that you can use on your own. So, Come On Let’s Get Tapping.

Instructor: Patrice Winovich



Friday, November 22nd



Women’s Tribal Circle

Join Jules Wyatt for a unique Women’s Tribal Healing Circle where she holds space for the attendees and raises the vibration of the room and each person while creating a safe healing environment. Each session includes group Reiki healing, sound therapy, meditation, as well as shamanic drumming. Join us and soak in the healing vibration and become part of the sisterhood where women are supported and empowered by each other. Mothers are encouraged to bring daughters age 16 and above. This is a unique event that provides space for young women to also open up and experience a sisterhood in a judgement free environment.

This month's theme is retreating within to find and create the space needed going into the cold and dark season of the holidays. COME FIND YOUR TRIBE!


20191106_102624 copy.jpeg

Saturday, December 28th

1:00 – 5:00 p.m.


•Pre-registration Required

Magic Spirit Doll Creation Workshop

•The practice of Doll making and Doll Magic dates back to ancient times and spans all cultures.

•Create your own magical spirit doll for Healing, Inspiration or Energy work. Manifest your New Year’s intentions.

•Brief History of Spirit Dolls

•Seated Energy & Intention Meditation

•Doll Creation

•Reiki Blessing

•All materials will be supplied

•Patterns, Cloth, Ribbons, Buttons, Markers, Charms & Crystal Points

•Bring any personal cloth, jewelry or charms you wish to add to your doll.

•No sewing experience necessary, however we will be using basic sewing stitches with needle and thread.

Instructor: Kelly Long